As we approach the final quarter of 2017, companies are beginning to look ahead and set goals for 2018. A recent article from takes a look at the common trends that a great number of companies are expected to follow.

One major trend expected to blow up in 2018 is telecommunicating. Digital technologies have made it easier than ever for employees from different locations to work cooperatively, while shared platforms, like ERPs, grant employees access to vital data from wherever they are.

Telecommunicating is not only a trend meant to improve employee satisfaction, it also reduces overhead for businesses. The motivation behind the movement is essentially a smaller office for a larger staff.

An additional trend that is something of an extension to telecommunicating is video conferencing. Internally, employees are able to have face-to-face discussions from their own homes, or even from different countries. Meanwhile, businesses are able to achieve a greater depth of intimacy with clients.

Video conferencing technologies like Skype and Facebook messenger make is easy for companies to communicate and build relationships without incurring the expenses of travelling to meet new or existing clients. While many already take advantage of these platforms, more businesses are expected to jump on board in 2018.

Also among the top tech trends for 2018 is increased cloud usage. Already, 92 percent of small businesses rely on at least one cloud-based solution. While there is only a small amount of room for growth to that metric, the number of cloud solutions each business uses is likely to grow. This project is unsurprising, given the recent investments companies are making in the cloud

The cloud's presence on the list is made even less surprising by its integration with other entries. For example, the cloud embodies the flexibility and cost-reduction elements present in both the telecommunicating and video conferencing trends expect to grow next year, making it perhaps the most essential of all trends marked for growth.