A recent report from Business Wire describes how emergent trends will impact the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market over the next several years. The most impactful development is projected to be the growth of IoT ERPs.

IoT is an acronym that means “Internet of Things,” and refers to the embedding of interconnectivity into everyday objects. A common term synonymous with this practice is “smart,” the prefix used for phones an televisions that connect to the internet.

According to the report, about half of businesses from around the globe will utilize some form of IoT enabled ERP by the year 2022. This transition is expected to require considerable preparation, as it will change the way business interact with the ERPs. One would expect the end result to promote a more intuitive and seamless experience, but adoption will come at the end of a learning curve.

It’s noteworthy that the adoption of IoT ERPs is not something businesses are lagging behind with, or have shown resistance to. General developments within the industry have begun, but are not yet pervasive, so the rolling out of new features is in its nascent stages. The time frame outlined in the report accounts first for industry growth, then for customer acceptance. 

The trend is expected to augment the ERP market in a massive way, opening new opportunities for superior services that will further aid businesses operate. All in all, the report touts the ever increasing value of ERPs in the business realm.