There are clouds on the horizon. Or at least, there’s a cloud on the horizon, and according to recent investment trends, it’s expanding rapidly.

Is a tempest brewing? Are we in danger of being viciously tossed about by this approaching maelstrom? It may sound like poetic license, but the fear is real, even if it’s not entirely justified.

The emergence of cloud-based solutions has been embraced by many businesses that recognize its characteristic ease and flexibility as undeniable assets. Other, more conservative companies, dread the perceived vulnerability of storing information and relying on software that is hosted remotely and accessed only virtually.

It is little wonder then, that a greater focus on cloud security will be one of this year’s major tech trends, according to ERP News. Though cloud-based solutions are becoming more readily adopted, the fear hasn't simply gone away. And though the cloud is every bit as safe as on-site solutions, the fear is not totally irrational.

Hackers have noted the increased popularity of the cloud and have discovered ways to breach typical security flaws. Companies that provide cloud-based services will now have to rise to meet these new challenges, which will spur upgrades to security. It's a cat and mouse game that has defined many technological advancements in the digital age, and is once again being played out. 

But whether security issues are a real concern, or if cloud-solutions providers simply want to assuage the fears of their clients, this move toward tigher security will be music to the ears of many a business executive.