The purchasing department is an essential aspect of any organization. Amazingly, many organizations still conduct purchasing operations manually. When you consider just how vital the role of the department is, you’ll likely start to wonder if there is a better way. Fortunately, there is! By using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your small business, your purchasing department can grow and perform like never before.

Benefits to Procurement

ERP platforms allow easy access to contact information, and manufacturers and suppliers engagement histories. Furthermore, using an ERP system makes the creation of purchase orders, which communicate vital information to vendors, a breeze.

An ERP platform will also provide your company with the ability to estimate spending, monitor purchases, approve P.O.’s remotely and email P.O.’s directly to the vendor from within a single system. Finally, an ERP platform will benefit procurement by ensuring that inventory levels are properly tracked, and warehouse storage locations are taken note of.

Benefits to Receiving

The receiving process benefits greatly from the implementation of an ERP. Using an ERP system for your small business ensures not only that the purchase order is made to the appropriate storage location, thanks to increased visibility and workflow control, but also that the entire process for receiving shipments and reconciling financial data is streamlined and accurate. With an ERP platform in place, the process by which shipments are revived can be completed quickly, thanks to easy to use capabilities, improved visibility of inventory, printable receipts and readily available supplier contact information.

Finally, an ERP makes the receiving process simple by automatically aggregating the information required in the financial reconciliation process, including purchase orders, product pricing data, freight costs and duty charges. Because of this, the system can accurately compare the previously disparate data, identifying potential discrepancies and helping you address them accordingly.

Making the Change

You owe it to your company to explore the many benefits that come with running your small business on a cloud-based ERP platform. Take our own pbe3, for example. The ERP platform boasts hand-tailorable module integration and fully customizable workflows. Using the platform’s reconfigurability, a small business can handcraft their ERP purchasing systems to their personal workflow, making the purchasing process simpler from beginning to end.