Businesses that sell appliances and furniture deal with a diverse group of customers, and meeting everyone’s needs as well as global-scale competitors do is challenging. To foster customer loyalty, a business must be efficient in all aspects of operation.

A key aspect is managing inventory and operative complications. This process is simplified by the implementation of a technological solution for your transactions. You may well already have a POS solution in place, but it needs to be integrated with your other systems.

Regardless of the situation, using an integrated POS solution offers an advanced set of features, including real-time reporting data and inventory tracking. So if you’re an appliance or furniture showroom looking to revamp your IT, you should know that deploying the right ERP system can make a big difference.

How the Technology Benefits your Business

While some appliance and furniture boutiques are more narrowly focused on certain clientele, others have a variety too large to be contained in a single showroom. With customers only seeing certain display pieces, it can be difficult to gauge stock availability, price, and efficiently engage in a POS process.

An integrated POS system, whereby access to your sales and inventory departments is readily available whenever needed, allows for better oversight in this respect. In fact, Durham Furniture, a boutique out of Durham, Ontario, found that their new ERP and POS capabilities enabled them to cut customer delivery time by up to 25%.

Increased Accuracy of Information

Accurate and up-to-date information is critical to the success of any business. Using key product planning features of ERP systems, furniture and appliance showrooms are able to locate the right inventory faster, getting it to the client in the expected timeframe, and for the estimated cost.

This process is improved by an ERP, which allows companies to more easily create accurate work orders, sales orders and bills. The accuracy of inventory is improved with fewer human errors and manual input, which is supplanted by automated functions.

Improved Analytics and Reporting

With an ERP based POS system for your appliance or furniture showroom, you’ll benefit from superior inventory tracking, analytics and reporting capabilities. Using a cloud ERP, your business will benefit from improved and more versatile storing options, gaining real-time data from anywhere.

Furthermore, ERP generated reports allow for greater understanding of key data. These reports provide deep insight that promotes more accurate forecasting of sales trend data because they contain real-time data drawn in by the ERP POS system. These report allow companies to identify problems and upcoming trends with greater ease and efficiency, so they can be ready to meet whatever customer demands are faced.