Lighting trends are constantly changing, with developments in electrical efficiency and bulb lifespan a constant factor. Not to mention trends in style. Within this ever-shifting environment, the importance of being organized and ready to adapt cannot be overstated. Thankfully, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer increased organization and efficiency by streamlining retail locations, from lighting showrooms to hobby shops. Business owners can take advantage of the holistic capacities of ERP software to have access to beneficial software for each of their departments, without the need for a different system for each one.

ERP software similarly grants you the ability to see the rate at which a certain product is selling in real time. This provides you with the ability to order more effectively by helping you identify which fixtures, items or bulbs may be falling out of style, and which of said items are on the upswing. This is but one of the lighting boutique challenges that can be largely rectified when an ERP solution is implemented as your one-stop lighting showroom software. Between flexibility, customer relationship management tools, and smooth point of sale systems, ERP software is guaranteed to increase operational efficiency in one way, another, or many.

Benefits of ERP Software and Integration

ERP software can be a massive boon to lighting showrooms that are looking to increase the efficiency of their operation. For starters, ERP software platforms that boast an integrated point of sale system make the process of getting your product in the hands of your customer and their money in yours easier than ever. For starters, the ERP platform brings streamlined ordering to the table, promoting return customers by making the purchase process easy for both your clients and contractor partners. Moreover, these point of sale capabilities should provide you with easy pricing control to accommodate discounts for valued customers, or bulk purchases. ERPs also shine in the point of integration between disparate systems. For our purposes, let’s focus on POS integration with the rest of your systems.

Firstly, by having the POS platform integrated with your accounting system, end of month consolidation, purchasing, and bookkeeping benefit from automated data, increasing efficiency and accounting accuracy. Similarly, when integrated with your inventory tracking system, you are better able to meet fulfilment goals, can have greater inventory visibility at the point of sale, enjoy automated inventory level tracking and automatic order lists for keeping up with hot-selling items. Further, through integration with the ERP’s CRM platform, client information can be logged, orders referenced, contact information gleamed, and customer value tracked. This integrates with your ERP reporting system, providing you with real-time visibility of your critical business data.

Getting Your Hands on the Right ERP System

As with any industry, lighting showrooms need the right tools for the job to operate with efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness. For companies to keep up with operational requirements, ERP software can be of great service, boosting productivity, fulfilment speeds and point of sale efficiency, while avoiding the pitfalls of using multiple systems. The important thing is to find the ERP that is right for your business, not just any old one-size-fits all version. When you have the power to configure your ERP to meet the precise demands facing your business, you’ll receive the most back from your system.