The future is in sight for cloud computing, with many businesses taking steps to stay ahead of the competition. By adopting the cloud, and ‘as a service’ software systems, many companies are benefiting from fewer hardware expenses and increased flexibility.

By adopting cloud-based solutions, like those offered as software as a service, companies can increase collaboration between their employees by providing them a powerful platform that provides all required features. This can be done while simultaneously streamlining the process and empowering efficiency. With your business moving fast, having a platform that not only keeps up, but propels you forward, is invaluable.

Those choosing to adopt the cloud have additionally been benefiting from economies of scale enhanced security solutions, leading to the increased level of trust that is driving adoption. You needn’t look further than the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, or mobile shopping platforms like Amazon, to see that as a societal collective we are embarrassing the digital age, comfortable in the security of its platforms.

As with individuals, companies are also ready to embrace the cloud, with one Gartner study finding that, as the cloud continues to mature and develop, more organizations will continue to develop their strategies around cloud adoption. The same study concluded that with this rising maturity of the platform, more and more IT leaders and CTOs will lose interest in the development of private on-premises clouds, but instead focus on improving their virtual environment.

With investment in improving virtual environments, collaboration is becoming an increasingly important idea in the modern business environment. The growing importance placed on collaboration can be considered both a driver of cloud adoption and a product of it. By providing a unified experience to all users within an organization, regardless of the physical location, organizations and their employees are able to collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Because of new demands for collaboration in the workplace and simplified IT environments, IT departments can drive the innovation of their company (and at times their industry), promoting greater cooperation between employees and departments. Thus, through cloud adoption companies benefit from a competitive advantage over their less up to date competitors, using savings from, and collaboration in, the cloud as the chief driver of organizational growth.