Wouldn’t finding a perfect I.T. systems that meets all your operational requirements and resolves every business system hang up be a dream come true? ERP systems, unfortunately, hardly ever fulfill all your business requirements out of the box. Instead, most systems have wrinkles and bottlenecks that need working out before operations can proceed efficiently. That's why when proponents of ERP hard code customizations come a-knocking, claiming to offer business I.T. nirvana, the siren song can a hard thing to resist.

            ERP System customization is a contentious issue for many businesses, bogging down future upgrades, decreasing stability and making content patches nearly unimplementable. Despite the inherent risks involved, when team leaders come to the fore, setting requires for customizations, many decision-makers cave to the pressure. The needs of these team leaders are usually understandable, and despite the risks of customization, it can be a hindrance to operate in a system that isn’t in step with your process.

            So, is that it then? Is the dream of a system that is hand-tailored to your business just that; an unachievable pipedream? Fortunately, the dream of a hand-tailored ERP that doesn’t compromise stability isn’t just possible, it’s also accessible.

To overcome hurdles in tailoring ERP solutions to fit your business, the way you think about customization needs to change. Rather than hard code customizations, you need to think of configuration: a fully modular system of interconnected, individually flexible components, working together with one another to fulfill the needs of your entire operation.

           Such ERPs are known as sandbox ERPs, and are built around the idea that the decision-makers at the usage end should have a say in the construction of the system. Through the use of built-in flexibility and the user's understanding of their own operation, a system that ticks off all requirements is possible. Take our own pbe3, for example. The workflow of the software is constructed around a diagram of your process, which in turn dictates to the system how it should function. By ensuring that your business platform boasts all the features your business requires while hiding any of the ones you don’t, the pbe3 provides your organization with a comprehensive, yet clean, environment from which to operate.