a cash register in a store

Companies that utilize digital technologies have a sizeable edge over their less progressive counterparts. Here's where you gain an advantage with a customer...

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an office room with several employees

An ERP is a tool for increasing operational efficiency, but not just through use. An effective system can also improve the capabilities of employees, and all...

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a group of leaves ranging from green to red

From the time of implementation to the time of removal, there are many actions that can prolong the usefulness and effectiveness of a platform.

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a row of silos

Segregated data can be problematic for businesses, leading to multiple versions of data and increasing the chance for errors. Integrating systems with an ERP...

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a green wall being painted over in orange

Implementing a new ERP isn't simply laying fresh software over old software. The process requires that a company phase out the old system to make room for th...

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lumber stacked in a warehouse

Lumber and building supply companies face numerous challenges. ERPs can be a valued ally when encountering these obstacles, leading to greater efficiency and...

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